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La Famille

    Denis Meier

    As a gronomist, Denis Meier is very passionate about the soil and the vine, and has understood that a good wine is made in the vineyard. For 15 years, it has been replanting very high quality Pinot Noirs on its best terroirs, renowned for their low vigour and yields

    Denis Meier
    Ingénieur Agronome EPFZ
    Morgan Meier

    After a Master at HEC Lausanne and a National Diploma of Oenology in France, Morgan made several vinifications abroad, before finally returning to the family estate in 2015. Its objective: to produce a quality wine, without artifices, following a traditional production process.

    Morgan Meier

Domaine des Landions

Pinot Noirs Qualitatifs

The past 15 years, we have been replanting Pinot Noirs with small yields and low vigor

Respect of the vineyard

Pas d'herbicide, taille tardive, enherbement intégral, vendange à pleine maturité

Une vinification simple

Tri sélectif, levures naturelles, mise en cuve par gravité, pigeage doux, mise en fût par gravité

A long traditional aging in barrel

Nos vins sont élevés durant 18 mois en pièce bourguignone françaises