The Vineyard


The Vineyard

The Meier Domaine is made up of 25 hectares and includes the following grape types:

  • Pinot Noir  (72%)
  • Chardonnay  (8%)
  • Merlot  (6%)
  • Gamaret  (5%)
  • Chasselas  (5%)
  • Pinot Gris  (4%)

The work done at the Vaumarcus Vineyard is done without any residual herbicide and with the strong will to maintain a balanced biological environment. Regarding the Cortaillod Vineyard, even the rows are mowed, and at the start of the blossoming season, no synthetic product is used.

The majority of production is still delivered to the Caves Chatenay Bouvier at Areuse. The vines planted in the most qualitative Pinot Noir grapes, are vinified by the Meier family at Cortaillod, in an old barn (Landions 24, 2016 Cortaillod).

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